An Ode to World Peace: Vol.1
Will, Lizzie and Maddie
The Brothers Lavender
I Am
Red Kangaroo Paw - Botanical Illustration
The King in the North
Oliver, Sophie and Harrison
Bob Haro - Kick Turn
Dane Searls - Shooting Star
Natalie Noble - Roof Drop
The Nyquist Boys
Colin, Oscar and Clancy
Hardy the Puppy
Mackenzie Mae Buultjens
So Let it Rain - MLK
Peace of Mind (Anika, Boh & Hollie)
Miles, On
Defiant (Self Portrait)
An Ode to World Peace: Vol.2
The Boys
Finders Keepers
To Be (Green), or Not to Be
Send In the Clowns (study for An Ode to World Peace)
Romance is Dead (Self Portrait XXVI)
Miles (Study for 'Miles, On')
Big Bully
King James
Tails (Self Portrait)
Rock Song
The Z Boys
Mental Wallpaper
Pop Song
Whatever Gets You Through the Night (4 panels)
The Evidence (Triptych)
Clown (Self Portrait, Age 4)